Blogs and Books that Spark Joy and Keep It Burning

Long story short: A few weeks ago, I decided to start reading again. This was after the realization that most of my information comes from social media and news articles, and that’s not healthy. The internet is a wild and wacky place, folks. So I’m being more intentional with the info that I let into my head. It’s all about being proactive and not reactive.

It’s been great! I’ve started reading books again. I’m discovering awesome blogs and websites that support my faith and encourage me to ask questions. Instead of being bombarded by the woes of humanity’s lowest (almost every news source), I’m exposing my mind to the delicate delights of learning, questioning, and growing.

Doesn’t that sound refreshing? Try it out for yourself! Here is a breakdown of the blogs, books and websites that make my days brighter instead of murkier:

  • Phylicia Masonheimer: “Abundant life, practically.” This wife and mom blogs about Christian life, marriage, sexuality and productivity. She’s really smart and faithful to God’s Word as she engages in everyday topics. Great for women who want to dive into an exciting and joy-filled walk with Christ, instead of slogging through spiritual laziness and sexual sin.
  • Alisa Childers: Alisa’s mission is to help us “journey from unreasoned doubt into vibrant, intellectually informed faith.” She’s the first female apologist I found. She uses her own past experience with doubt in Christianity’s truth and relevance, to graciously confront the problems of the progressive Christian movement.
  • Ravi Zacharias: His tactful yet forceful apologetic style will open your eyes to the truth of the Gospel. I got to hear him speak at a conference; he closed his eyes and recited whole sections of poetry to help prove his points. Bask in the virtual presence of greatness as you listen to his talks.
  • Desiring God: “Joy is not optional. It’s essential.” Founded by pastor John Piper, this website is devoted to drawing people’s eyes to Jesus and the joy we can have in Him. Their blog posts and sermons are deep and thought-provoking.
  • Matt Chandler: Co-author of The Explicit Gospel, this gentleman pulls no punches when it comes to sharing the full truth about Jesus. Listening to his sermons while I work keeps me focused on the Lord and His bigger picture. The guy is also hilarious sometimes.
  • Cynthia’s Heald‘s Becoming a Woman… Bible study series: My mentor and I have been going through this series for a year and a half. Each book focuses on a different aspect of a Christian woman’s faith in God. They’re full of Scripture references, inspiring thoughts and questions, and lots of quotes by Christian leaders. I love them.
  • The Soul of Prince Caspian by Gene Veith: Veith uses C. S. Lewis’s famous children’s book Prince Caspian as the framework to discuss the modern world’s purposeful ignorance of Christ and the Gospel. It’s an awesome book to help you review and refresh your worldview.

Those seven resources are enough to help you kick-start your “proactivity,” if you are so inclined. I thoroughly recommend it. Don’t let yourself get tangled up in the World Wide Web. Free yourself and feed your soul instead.

Author: The Random Mind

In order of importance: The Lord Jesus Christ gave me life and a song. The English degree got me joy and a job. The tickle to write galvanized this weird blog.

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