In the Stillness of the Temple – a Prayer Poem

Ideally, living in lock-down would give us more time to pray, read the Bible, and enjoy uninterrupted communion with God. But reality is different. Many mornings still find us tired, distracted, or grouchy. On these mornings, we don’t feel much like spending time with God; we don’t feel very worthy or very holy. “What’s the point?” we may ask.

It helps to write these feelings out, pray over them, and surrender them to God. That’s what King David used to do. Recently on one such morning, I wrote a poem as a prayer. Maybe you can identify with it. I hope it encourages you to draw near to God, no matter how you’re feeling, and trust that He will draw near to you too.

Some mornings find me when
My mind doubts,
My body slows its zeal,
My spirit’s dark and robbed of flame.

Some mornings find me
In the stillness of the temple.
But the stillness of the temple
Feels not like an invitation, but like a
“It has been a silent night;
Your prayers no longer echo in my halls;
Where is your righteousness?”

On these mornings, my reply must ring out
In the stillness of the temple:
“The LORD, the LORD, He is my righteousness!
The Christ, my Christ, in Him my hope is found!
His Holy Spirit leads me, fills me up anew!”

Once more I enter this sacred place,
This presence of the King.
Once more I shed my shoes
And kneel upon the fire-stone.
A doubting mind,
A slothful strength,
A dark and chilly soul –

They cannot mute my Lord’s own voice,
Make false His truth,
Unwind His holy way.

May the sweet aroma of my worship
Fill this temple once again,
And fill my Father’s heart.

Author: The Random Mind

In order of importance: The Lord Jesus Christ gave me life and a song. The English degree got me joy and a job. The tickle to write galvanized this weird blog.

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